Looking For New Export And Food Service Cheese Market Opportunities? Consider IQF As An Option.

September 20, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

The Latest IQF Technology for Freezing Cheese Shreds, Cubes, Sticks, curds, & Pieces - up to 4 Ounces.

In today's market environment processors and converters are looking for new export, food service, prepared foods, and retail market cheese opportunities. The latest IQF Technology can enable the rapid, consistent, and safe freezing of cheese to serve these market opportunities.

Cheese pieces as small as shreds can be frozen as well as cubes, curd, mozzarella balls, sticks and strings, and other formats up to 4 ounces without the use of Liquid Nitrogen.

The IQF Cabinet Freezer can be moved when not required and typically uses much less energy than conventional freezing systems. The Systems fluidized bed design enables even product freezing without any product discoloration or over freezing. High volume fresh curd cooling applications are also possible with this technology.

Individual Quick Freeze Technology that is Ideal for the Cheese Market

The Latest IQF technology has been developed with the customer in mind and offers unique features that make the system ideal for Cheese producers and converters including:

  • Adjustable airflow for a gentle and quick crust-freezing which results in an efficient product separation, no lump or fine formation, and low product dehydration
  • Exchangeable bedplates for quick and easy cleaning between different product batches and an overall reliable food safety
  • Easy-to-clean design for exceeding all international requirements on food safety in dairy industry


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