Why X-Ray Inspection Systems Are Superior For Cheese Makers

October 11, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

Looking for Enhanced Product Inspection Capabilities to Enable New Export and Market Opportunities?

X-Ray Inspection Systems provide enhanced inspection capabilities for Cheese Producers and Converters. A number of potential contaminants that are not detected by Metal Detectors can be detected with X-Ray Inspection.

For example smaller sizes of stainless steel(2-2.5 mm) are detectable with X-Ray as well as a variety of other contaminants that are not possible with Metal Detection. This capability reduces the risk of smaller contaminants getting into the product and market while providing a "digital trail" of images for each product scan enabling future investigation of customer complaints.


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Why X-Ray Inspection Systems Are Superior To Metal Detectors

With Improved contaminant Inspection Technology the Cheese Producer and/or Converter reduces their risk of a product recall for the additional contaminants that X-Ray Inspection Systems can detect. The capability to review X-Ray Scans of every product made in a prior production run helps ensure that product is not returned or rejected erroneously for contaminants that did not come in the cheese.

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