Valcour Process Technologies to Offer OctoFrost IQF Technology to Cheese Producers & Converters

July 26, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

OctoFrost has entered into a partnership agreement with Valcour Process Technologies to represent their Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Systems for the U.S. and Canadian Cheese Production & Converting markets.

Valcour Process Technologies (Peru, NY) specializes in providing production, converting, packaging, inspection, and process sustainability technologies to the US and Canadian Cheese Production & Converting markets.

OctoFrost AB (Malmo, Sweden) is a globally recognized supplier of sanitary Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Systems. OctoFrost freezing/cooling systems can be used for a wide range of cheese products including: Shredded, cubed, string, curds and balls. The Octofrost IQF System is designed with customers’ needs in mind: for a natural appearance of the products, reliable food safety, high yield and energy efficiency.

“Cheese production is a very important market for OctoFrost, with significant opportunities for growth as producers look to extend shelf life and export products.” according to Johan Eidfelt, Vice President of Operations, Octofrost Inc. “Valcour Process Technologies is highly experienced with this technology and has relationships with cheese producers and converters across the U.S. and Canada, and therefore provides a perfect fit for OctoFrost in this market segment.”

“Cheese Producers and Converters are increasingly looking for innovative ways to expand their offering and access new markets. The OctoFrost IQF Technology allows producers to freeze cheese shreds, cubes, and pieces quickly, efficiently, and safely up to 4 ounces in weight. This opens up export as well as longer shelf-life opportunities for the Producer or Converter.” said Norm LaVigne, Founder of Valcour Process Technologies. “OctoFrost has a proven track record in IQF and I look forward to working with them to provide new export opportunities for Cheese Producers and Converters.”

About Valcour Process Technologies

Valcour Process Technologies is a process technology solutions provider that specializes in the Cheese Production and Converting markets. Valcour offers equipment, systems, and process lines for cheese production, converting, packaging, inspection, and process sustainability applications. These process technologies enable improved automation, sustainably, food safety, and profitability.

About OctoFrost
With a global coverage of sales and customer service, the company has over 300 successful installations at customers located in more than 50 countries, across 5 continents. OctoFrost is committed to a world with better food quality and reduced food waste by improving solutions for freshly frozen food.