Fill Level-Inspection Systems

PecoInspX offers class leading fill-level monitors that are easy to use, inexpensive to own, and supported by our award winning service team. Our latest generation of FillTrac fill-level monitors feature an easy to use touch screen interface and are continuously supported by our real-time remote support capability.

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For many applications, fill-level monitoring (either through a dedicated fill level monitor or a full container X-Ray system) offers a superior method of determining contents level compared to check weighing. The specific advantages of fill-level monitors are:

  • High Speed Operation: Fill-level monitors can easily operate at speeds over 1000 containers per minute. Only specialized checkweighers are capable to such performance.
  • Small Footprint: Fill-level monitors require as little as 130mm of line space – a fraction of what is needed for a checkweigher.
  • Cost Effective: A fill-level monitor costs a fraction of a high-speed checkweigher and fill-level monitors are practically maintenance free.


  • Accurate and Flexible Fill Level: Detect fill-level differences down to 1mm in fluid height.
  • Headspace Verification: Measure container head space down to 1mm.
  • Minimum Solids Content Verification: For applications where solids are added to the container prior to liquid fill, the FillTrac can readily measure solid and liquid fill levels.
  • Under and Overfill: The FillTrac accurately measures over and underfill and accurately ejects mis-filled containers.
  • Sampling: The FillTrac can perform on demand on programmed sampling on the basis of filler valve location.
  • Filler Valve Monitoring: The FillTrac can measure the accuracy of each filler valve and highlight those valves needing maintenance.

Basic Options

Automated Printing

Our automated printing option allows fully automatic printing of detailed sampling information on each container, which eliminates the need for an expensive takeaway conveyor to properly sequence samples.