DIMA Cheese Production Equipment

Established in 1983, DIMA srl is an Italian company at the forefront of designing and manufacturing top of the line processing machinery and systems for the dairy industry. Backed with over 35 years of experience, DIMA integrates expertise and highly advanced technology to continuously develop exceptional equipment for production of different types of stretched cheese “pasta filata”. Strictly following European safety standards and guidelines from the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), DIMA machines guarantee only the highest quality and level of hygiene to meet elaborate requirements of various cheese processes.

Valcour Process Technologies is an authorized distributor of italian-made DIMA processing equipment for pasta filata cheese such as mozzarella, string-cheese, provolone, kashkaval, bocconcini, ricotta “whey cheese”, caciocavallo, and more. Our inventory includes DIMA Moulding Machines, DIMA Moulding Drums, and DIMA Carousel Moulding Machines for mozzarella and other types of cheese production as well as DIMA Cheese Vats for milk coagulation. We also carry DIMA Cooking-Stretching Machines for continuous stretching and kneading of cheeses, DIMA Automatic Brining and Cooling Lines, and DIMA Automatic Systems for mozzarella loading, counting, and weighing to feed packaging systems.

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