ChocoMa Cheese Waxing Systems

Founded in 1948 and Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, ChocoMa is a globally recognized manufacturer of chocolate processing machinery. With over 70 years of experience, ChocoMa, still stays true to its commitment of providing thousands of robust, flexible, and highly efficient chocolate processing equipment throughout Europe, North- and South America, the Middle East, and the Pacific Region.

By the early 90s, ChocoMa expanded its product line, introducing Pro-wax cheese waxing systems that not only replaced manual and arduous cheese waxing processes but also increased cheese waxing capacity and productivity. These heavy-duty cheese waxing systems prove to be beneficial to most small and medium sized cheese manufacturers as these meet operational conditions and warrant lower costs as well as shorter payback periods. Today, ChocoMa cheese waxing systems are operational in Europe, USA, and Australia.

Valcour Process Technologies is the exclusive distributor of ChocoMa cheese waxing equipment for the US and Canadian cheese waxing markets. We showcase ChocoMa Waxonator™ Systems ideal for small to large sized cheese producers, offering a cost-effective and quick way of waxing cheese pieces, blocks, and wheels. Find highly efficient Fully-Automatic Cheese Waxing Systems and Semi-Automatic Cheese Waxing Systems perfect for cheese producers and distributors working with high demands but are short in operators.

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