Semi-Automatic Cheese Waxing Systems

Semi-Automatic Cheese Waxing Systems are ideal for small and medium sized cheese producers to cost effectively and rapidly wax cheese pieces, blocks and wheels. The Waxonator ™ system enables cheese companies to wax more cheese in less time with fewer operators.

The ChocoMa Cheese Waxing System allows cheese producers and distributors to more cost effectively and efficiently wax cheese.  A Semi-Automatic Waxing System is comprised of a Waxing Machine, Wax Vat(s), a Wax Pump, and an Exit Cooling Conveyor.

The system is available in two standard widths 15.7” (400 mm) and 12.7” (320 mm).  A wax vat is necessary for each unique wax color to be used with the system.  Several exit conveyor options are available for product cooling including: ambient air, chilled belt, and forced air cooling tunnels.  Conveyors are available in various standard lengths and are customizable to accommodate specific customer plant layout requirements.

Valcour Process Technologies is the Exclusive ChocoMa (Copenhagen, Denmark) Distributor for the United States and Canadian Cheese Waxing Markets. Valcour offers pre-sale application support, start-up assistance, and after sale service and support for ChocoMa Cheese Waxing Systems.


  • Semi-Automatic Waxing of Cheese Blocks and Wheels.
  • Improves Waxing Operation Worker Productivity.
  • Reduces Overall Cheese Waxing Process Operational Costs.
  • Exit Cooling Conveyors (ambient air curing)and Cooling Tunnels (forced air curing)Available.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • One Wax Vat Required for Each Wax Color Utilized.
  • 230 or 460 Volt Operation


  • 400 or 320 mm (15.7 or 12.7 inches) Wide Belt Options
  • Ambient Air Cooled Exit Conveyors
  • Forced Air Cooling Tunnel
  • Chilled Belt Conveyor
  • Extra Wax Vats for Additional Colors