Top Down X-Ray Inspection Systems

Designed to inspect a wide assortment of packages up to 450 mm (17.7”) wide and 254 mm (10.0”) high.
A powerful and and extremely easy to use top-down X-Ray system backed by the best service team in the industry.

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No other top-down X-Ray system on the market offers such a robust set of standard features coupled with high performance options typically only available on machines costing thousands more. 

The Allegro is also easy to own and inexpensive to maintain. Superior InspX service ensures that you’ll have access to immediate support 24X7 and convenient local service when you need it. And because the Allegro is designed for reliable operation, you’ll be pleased with its low cost of ownership. 


  • Easy to Use

    All Allegro X-Ray inspection systems offer advanced inspection software that is developed in Silicon Valley, California. This software automates much of the product setup process so that new operators can proficiently use the machine with just one hour of training.

  • High Performance X-Ray Tube

    The Allegro features a 100 Watt X-Ray source that is explicitly designed for use in this machine. The tube is designed for continuous long-life operation. It is also maintenance free (i.e. there is no oil to change). An optional beryllium window tube is also available for high resolution applications.

  • 17” Touch Screen Display

    The Allegro features a large 17” touch screen display that allows for an easy to read operator experience. It’s also extremely easy to get a good look at reject images and clearly identify contaminants.

  • Software Switchable Detector Resolution

    The Allegro features software switchable 0.8 mm/0.4 mm diode array. This flexibility allows the user to select the optimal detector resolution for a specific application (software over-scanning is also available at both resolutions).

  • Feature Rich Software

    Peco-InspX high resolution inspection software or HDRX is the most advanced automated inspection software available today. The software features algorithms for:
    • 15 Different Foreign Material Inspections
    • Void Detection
    • Mass Measurement

Basic Options

  • Operations Guardian

    Operations Guardian is a revolutionary monitoring system that offers a variety of advantages:

    • Real time system and performance monitoring of each machine
    • Proactive outreach from Peco-InspX service when problems occur
    • Insight into operational performance bottlenecks
    • Automatic archiving and classification of reject images
    • Optional archiving of all inspection images
  • High Speed Conveyor

    The standard Allegro conveyor is capable of speeds up to 67 meters (200 feet) per minute. An optional high speed conveyor is available that doubles the speed to 133 meters (400 feet) per minute.

  • Sanitary Design

    The Allegro is available with an optional washdown (IP69K) cabinet and full sanitary conveyor made by Dorner manufacturing.

  • Full Assortment of Ejection Options

    Peco-InspX designs and manufactures a wide assortment of high performance ejectors and diverters

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