Mozzarella Process Equipment, Systems, & Projects

DIMA mozarella equipments

Valcour Process Technologies is the exclusive U.S. and Canadian Representative for DIMA srl (Modena, Italy). DIMA is the world technology leader in equipment and systems for the production of “Pasta Filata” style cheese such as Mozzarella, Pizza cheese, Provolone, Scamorza, Oaxaca, Caciocavallo, and Kashkaval. DIMA offers specialized cheese production equipment ranging from vats to machines that feed packaging machinery for small artisan producers and large capacity cheese processors. DIMA’s “Double-O” style cheese vats are uniquely designed for producing high quality cheese curd. DIMA’s patented Cooling Tunnel System more efficiently cools cheese precisely to the required temperature in less space with less water. DIMA has numerous innovations and patents in Whey Draining Systems, Cooking-Stretching Machines, Moulding Machines, and more.

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