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DIMA mozarella equipments

In the United States and Canada, Valcour Process Technologies exclusively represents Dima SRL from Modena, Italy for industrial cheese-making equipment. Dima is a leading global manufacturer of cheese processing equipment for the production of pasta filata-style cheese such as mozzarella, pizza cheese, provolone, scamorza, oaxaca, caciocavallo, and kashkaval.

The Dima processing systems provide specialized cheese processing machinery – complete from cheese vats to systems for feeding mozzarella and the packaging machine. Dima’s automatic dry salt dosing and salting systems are integral in the correct execution of cheese processing steps, while its automatic brining lines are highly efficient in product cooling. Innovative patents for cheese processing are existent in Dima’s ultrasonic cutting systems, whey draining rollers, cooking-stretching machines, and more. These Dima equipment are intended for use by small and large businesses alike.

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