A Summary Of Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Applications In Cheese Production

November 01, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

In Summary UV Water Disinfection Has Many Cheese & Dairy Applications

Using Ultraviolet light (UV) to treat incoming plant process water as a firewall to deactivate waterborne organisms is a common application for the technology. However, the Cheese Production Market has found its way to adopt UV in many other process applications which have had dramatic impacts on processor product quality and sustainability.

Top Cheese Process Applications for UV Water Disinfection

This is a quick summary of more than 10 years of experience applying UV Water Disinfection technology to the Cheese and Dairy Production Industry. This is not a top 10 list since they are always application and customer specific.

The BIG application the past 10 years has been treating Reverse Osmosis (RO) -Polished cow water to PMO Pasteurized Equivalent Water (PEW) standards. The PEW specification has evolved but remains confusing for processors when compared against the PMO UV treatment specifications for EPA approved plant supply water. The water reclaimed and treated to PMO Pasteurized Equivalent Water Standards can be used for additional cleaning applications within the plant. This reduces the requirement for incoming water for the processor since the cow water can be recovered which also reduces the demand on the plants water source and sewer district/plant.

  • Replacing HTST Pasteurized Water Applications with PEW (UV Treated) Water
  • Water used to wash curd in washed curd cheeses
  • Water used to hydrate powders used as an ingredient used to make cheese
  • Water used to wash Cottage Cheese
  • Water used in production in Culture Rooms
  • Product Cooling and Packaging Water for fresh Mozzarella
  • Water used to make and make-up brine
  • Treated Clean Wastewater before discharge
  • After Carbon Beds
  • Before and/or after filtration systems depending on the application.

Microbial contaminants in water supplies can cause microbial growth in the process pipes and ultimately in the final product. Ultraviolet Disinfection provides a proven and safer way to deactivate water borne pathogens, spores, biofilms, and spoilage organisms that come into the plant through the municipal or well water supply.

UV is a proven and reliable technology for the disinfection of water. It is safe, free from chemicals, and cost efficient.

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