New Cheese Market Opportunities Can Begin With a New Offering - Waxed Cheese.

September 06, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

Waxing cheese was one of the original ways to package Cheese for aging and/or transport to other markets. The hot wax seals the cheese for packaging and often is the final packaging. Waxing Cheese also acts as a flash pasteurization process for deactivating bacteria and spoilage organisms present on the exterior surfaces of the cheese.

Conventional cheese waxing is a messy, manual, and expensive process traditionally. Individual wax dunk tanks are inflexible, difficult to clean, and require extensive floor space, labor, and plant utilities. Not to mention can lead to repetitive motion injuries for operators.

With a semi-automated or fully-automated waxing system - waxing cheese is no longer the messy, labor intensive process it used to be. The Waxonator System offered exclusively by Valcour Process can provide new opportunities to producers and converters for Export and Retail Market Opportunities. Standard and Custom Cheese Wax Offerings are also available for a turn-key solution for new Waxing System Customers.

Benefits Of the Waxonator Cheese Waxing System

  • Semi or Fully Automated Cheese Waxing Capabilities with two Operators
  • Flexible System Allows for Color Changeovers for Different Products
  • Reduces overall Cheese Waxing Process Operational Costs
  • Enables New Export and Retail Cheese Sales Opportunities
  • Consistent wax coat thickness due to better control of the waxing process

Will Waxing Cheese Work for our Products?

What Wax or Waxing Process Should be Considered given the Product and Desired Market Opportunities?

Get expert advice from Norm LaVigne, Founder of Valcour Process Technologies. Receive consulting today on the merits of waxing and what is involved in making it work for your application.


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