UV Water Disinfection Enables Improved Quality and Longer Shelf-Life for Cheese Producers

August 16, 2021 00:00 | Posted in News

Why UV Water Disinfection?

Ultraviolet Disinfection provides a proven and safer way to deactivate water borne pathogens, spores, biofilms, and spoilage organisms that come into the plant through the water supply. Ultraviolet Disinfection can act as a “firewall” against these contaminants and other chlorine resistant bugs in the incoming or recovered plant water supply.

Why Is UV Water Disinfection Important?

Microbial contaminants in water supplies can cause microbial growth in the process pipes and in dairy products. Microbial growth is a major problem for the cheese making process as it can cause shortened shelf life and worse a recall. Effectively deactivating these microbes from water is essential in cheese making.

Typical Carbon Beds used to remove chlorine are themselves a great place for microbes to grow. Utilizing UV after the Carbon Bed deactivates the organisms present in the carbon bed as the water flows to the plant. Chemical disinfection methods can cause off-flavouring, are expensive, and are ineffective against chlorine resistant pathogens and spoilage organisms.

UV is a proven and reliable technology for the disinfection of water. It is safe, free from chemicals, and cost efficient.

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