Valcour Process Technologies to provide Aquionics UV Technology to Cheese Producers

January 11, 2019 09:02 | Posted in News

Aquionics has entered into a partnership agreement with Valcour Process Technologies for the distribution of its ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems to cheese producers in the upper Midwest. The agreement enables Valcour to offer Aquionics UVEO and UVEO H products for pasteurized equivalent water applications across Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin*.

Valcour Process Technologies specializes in providing production, converting, packaging, inspection, and process sustainability solutions to the US and Canadian cheese production & converting market. The company offers equipment, systems and project solutions that help achieve greater food safety, yield, sustainability and profitability.

Valcour Process Technologies has significant experience implementing UV systems within cheese production and has long-term relationships with cheese producers, OEMs and system integrators throughout the US. The Aquionics UV systems will complement these solutions by helping to improve water disinfection processes in terms of increased performance and throughput and reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs.

“Cheese production is a very important market for Aquionics, with significant opportunities for growth as producers look to implement UV systems to help them optimize their processes, meet tighter FDA standards and improve final product quality and safety,” explained Ken Kershner, Regional Director, Aquionics. “Valcour Process Technologies is highly experienced with this technology and has relationships with cheese producers across the upper Midwest region, and therefore provides a perfect fit for Aquionics.”

“Cheese producers are increasingly adopting UV Disinfection technology to provide safer process and cleaning water within their plants. UV water disinfection is a more cost-effective, energy efficient, and on-demand solution for creating pasteurized equivalent water,” said Norm LaVigne, Founder of Valcour Process Technologies. “Aquionics has the latest UV platform design in the market for dairy applications with the lowest total cost of ownership. I look forward to working with Aquionics to offer their world leading UV disinfection systems to our customers in the cheese market.”

About Valcour Process Technologies

Valcour Process Technologies is a process technology solutions provider that specializes in the cheese production and converting markets. Valcour offers equipment, systems, and process lines for cheese production, converting, packaging, inspection, and process sustainability applications. These process technologies enable improved automation, sustainably, food safety, and profitability.

About Aquionics

Based in Charlotte, NC and with a national distribution network, Aquionics Industrial specializes in UV technology for water disinfection, dechlorination and deozonation. Working with the biggest names in food, beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, pools and leisure, the company has gained valuable insights into its customers’ requirements and specialized applications. Thisenables Aquionics to offer not only the most technologically advanced UV systems, but a complete product portfolio for all markets. The company provides an unrivalled level of customer care under its UVCareTM service and works very closely with a network of distributors to ensure its customers receive a very professional experience. Aquionics is a Halma company.