Process Filtration Systems

Valcour Process Technologies offers a complete range of Process Filtration Systems from Complete Filtration Resources, Inc for the Cheese, Dairy, and Food Process Markets.

These systems utilize Cross flow filtration technology - a process whereby liquid is filtered through a porous membrane while the feed solution flows rapidly across the surface of the membrane. Cross flow filtration results in turbulence at the surface of the membrane, this serves to keep the membrane from becoming plugged while filtering large volumes of feed solution. Cross flow filtration is often referred to as tangential flow filtration because the feed solution flow is tangential to the surface of the membrane. In this process the clarified solution is called the filtrate or permeate while the concentrated solution that exits the membrane is the concentrate.


Brine Ultrafiltration Systems

Primarily used for reducing whey particulates present in cheese brine. Additional benefits of Brine Ultrafiltration include longer usable brine life, and potentially longer product shelf life.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Water Polisher (P) Systems

Primarily used for water reclamation, milk concentration, and concentrating whey from cheese production. A Reverse Osmosis and Polisher system combined with a Pasteurized Water System enable...


Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems

Primarily used in the Dairy Process Industries for protein standardization of cheese milk, for milk concentration in fresh cheese applications, and lactose reduction. UF membranes have very small...


Nanofiltration (NF) Systems

Primarily used for demineralization of whey, lactose free milk production, and whey concentration for WPC products in the Dairy Production Market. NF membranes are slightly more open than RO...


Microfiltration (MF) Systems

Primarily used for reducing bacteria concentrations, fat removal, and cheese milk standardization in the Dairy Processing Industry. This process uses a membrane with a pore size in the range between...

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