Automated Spiral Conveyor Systems

Traditional Spiral Conveyor Systems utilize a center drum style design which limits production options and requires inherent ongoing maintenance such as belt flipping by skilled maintenance technicians. Outside driven Spiral Conveyor Systems utilize an innovative low-friction belt design system to more efficiently convey food for spiral cooling, freezing, pasteurizing, and proofing applications. As a result of this innovative design customers can now enjoy more flexible production options with their Spiral Conveyor Systems including two or more different products coming into and out of (separately) their spiral conveyor system for flexible food production.


Spiral Freezing Systems

The Deep Freezing Systems are high-performance models for processing packaged or bulk food products in medium to high production dairies. Equipped with a conveyor belt, the Deep Freezing System is...


Spiral Cooling Systems

Valcour Process Technologies’ high-performance spiral cooling systems cool large quantities of dairies and other products efficiently using both room cooling and forced-air cooling. Our spiral...


Spiral Proofing Systems

The Proofing Systems are high-performance models for treating food products and maintaining their natural taste and aroma in medium to high production dairies. Equipped with a conveyor belt, the Deep...


Spiral Conveying/Handling Systems

Conveyor belts are available in customized formats for conveying and product handling applications related to feeding and removing food products out of their Spiral Systems. These custom systems...

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