Automatic Dry Salt Dosing and Salting Systems

The Automatic Dry Salt Dosing and Salting Systems manufactured by Dima are for the continuous dry salting of pasta filata cheese types. With its automatic correction of salt ratio, the system is most suited for medium high productions.

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Continuous dry salting of the “pasta filata” cheese with use of dry salt crystals with automatic correction possibility of the salt ratio by salt dosing, proportional to the cheese mass coming from the coking-stretching machine. An applicable system in the production technology of all kinds of “pasta filata” cheeses, especially for pizza-cheese, mozzarella, kashkaval, and generally cheeses with medium high salt content. Standard capacity recommendable for medium high productions.

The cheese mass coming from the cooking-stretching machine is discharged into the hopper of the dry salter and then continuously transported by two augers inclined towards the top. The action of the two augers allows both the product transport and a further product stretching. The machine is equipped with an automatic product detection system, that, combined with the detection of the product speed and thickness, enables the control system of the machine to continuously calculate the flow rate of the cheese mass. This information is subsequently used from the control system that automatically controls the salt dosing device and adjusts the feeding of it, to continuously maintain the correct preset salt ratio.

For its automatic functioning the dry salter is equipped with a PLC control that interacts with the PLC of the coking-stretching machine to guarantee the best result on the product and the maximum automation of the system, and therefore eliminates human intervention and eventual human errors.

The machine is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316, except for a few components made of polyethylene with high density and some plastic materials, all certified for use in the food industry.


  • Automatic salt ratio correction
  • Perfect for medium high productions
  • Automatic product size detection
  • PLC control system
  • Machine is made mostly of AISI 316 stainless steel