Dima Continuous Cooking-Stretching Machine DM12/2T/CIP

The DM12/2T/CIP is a continous cooking-stretching machine with double stretching arms for pasta filata types of cheeses. Indicated for very soft cheese with high humidity, the SP11 has a product capacity of 500 up to 1.500 kg/h.

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For continuous cooking-stretching of any kind of “pasta filata” cheese: mozzarella, fior di latte, pizza-cheese, provolone, scamorza. Particularly indicated for very soft cheese with high humidity content, such as buffalo mozzarella and Italian traditional fresh mozzarella. Machine complete with integrated cooking water preparation, heating and circulation group, and prearranged for automatic C.I.P. clearing. Production capacity adjustable from 500 up to 1.500 kg/h.

The curd, coming from the curd slicer or, if existing, from the auger curd elevator, feeds the machine’s cooking-stretching and kneading section. In this section the curd is conveyed forward by two augers with adjustable speed, and subjected to heating and humidification by continuous adding of hot water.

Temperature, water quantity and water level are adjustable. It is possible to continuously change the hot cooking water or to completely re-circulate it, or to partially change and partially re-circulate it, on adjustable basis.

The stretching and kneading of the product is subsequently carried out by the mechanical action of the stretching arms with variable speed, then the product passes through a second stretching section with further stretching arms.

In both stretching sections the speed of the stretching arms as well as the water input and quantity can be adjusted.

Finally the cheese mass passes through a special discharge outlet and is fed continuously into the moulder.

The machine can be combined with different (optional) accessories to obtain a higher degree of automation and accuracy during the production, as for example the automatic systems for control and adjustment of the acidity and/or salt content, that allow to electronically control, continuously and with maximum speed and accuracy, the previously set parameters and to act accordingly to guarantee in this way several advantages for the production:

  • Product quality with more uniform and constant organoleptic characteristics and durability
  • Yield increase compared to other systems
  • Reduction of energetic costs for cooking water heating and of cooking water consumption
  • The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the parts in contact with the product are treated with Teflon certified for the food industry. 


  • Double stretching arms
  • Integrated cooking water preparation, heating and circulation group
  • Adjustable temperature, water quantity and levels
  • Production capacity of 300 up to 1.000 kg/h
  • Machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Teflon-certified inner layer

Basic Options


  • Curd slicer directly assembled on the cooking-stretching machine or on a supporting structure
  • Auger curd elevator
  • Automatic system for control and adjustment of fatwater acidity
  • Automatic system for control and adjustment of salt in the cooking water
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