Dima Automatic Mozzarella Brining and Cooling Lines "BL" Series

The “BL” Series manufactured by Dima are automatic cooling and hardening systems. With three available standard working widths to suit any dairy needs, the “BL” series allow for continuous brining and cooling of pasta filata cheese.

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For continuous brining and cooling of mozzarella, pizza-cheese and “pasta filata” cheese of any type and size.

The cheese blocks coming from the carousel moulding machine are discharged at the beginning of the brining line. The brine inlets are placed near the product entrance and are so arranged that the brine flow immediately removes the blocks before the following cheese blocks are discharged, thus avoiding damages due to blocks overlapping.

The advancing of the blocks, floating in the brine, is obtained exclusively by the brine flow itself, so as to prevent mechanical parts and transport devices inside the vat.

Over the whole surface of the brining line is installed a series of nozzles that provide for continuously spraying on the top of the cheese blocks, which otherwise would have no cooling and salting and that, due to oxidation, would assume a different color.

The floating mozzarella blocks are transported to the end of the vat where an inclined product extraction belt provides to extract and discharge them from the brining line.

The inclined product extraction belt is made of a material that allows the drainage of the brine, while the blocks are extracted. Above the extraction belt is placed a series of nozzles that remove eventual residues of proteins, salt crystals, grease or product crumbs from the surface of the blocks. Due to the high brine flow rate, the heat exchange and therefore the product cooling is very high and extremely efficient. Furthermore also the surface spray nozzles lower the brine surface temperature from the top and contribute to improve the cooling of the upper part of the floating product. 


  • Continuous brining and cooling
  • Inclined product extraction belt
  • Multiple availalbe standard working widths and shapes
  • USDA-certified for use in the food industry

Basic Options


Available standard working widths of 1.000 – 1.400 – 1.900 – 2.000 mm. The length is calculated on the basis of the required production capacity.

Possibility to supply the automatic mozzarella brining and cooling line with various typologies, considering also the issues related to the available space in the dairy:

  • Linear shape
  • “L”-shape
  • “U”-shape
  • Snake-shape
  • Shape with various levels placed one upon another


  • Automatic cooling mozzarella / pizza-cheese cooling line
  • Water cooling unit to feed the brining line
  • Brine preparation tank to feed the line
  • Automatic self-cleaning filter for brine, equipped with autonomous system that allows the automatic discharge of the filtered solid residuals thus keeping always clean the brine in recirculation
  • Diatomaceous earth filter with brine storage tank
  • Automatic C.I.P clearing