Dima Cooling Lines for Mozzarella "HL" Series

The “HL” Series manufactured by Dima are automatic cooling and hardening lines with the DIMA patented innovative system. With three available standard working widths to suit any dairy needs, the “HL” series allow for complete discharging and higher clearing efficiency.

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Automatic cooling and hardening of mozzarella and “pasta filata” cheeses of any type, with DIMA patented innovative system for the product advancement in the vat.

The line consists of one unique piece (no flanges), made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, with the bottom inclined towards the outlet to allow complete discharging and higher clearing efficiency.

In order to avoid thermal shocks, such to cause peeling and damages to the structure of the mozzarella, the cooling water is circulated counter-current, i.e. in the opposite direction to the advancement of the product. The cooling water temperature is automatically controlled/adjusted by the automatic thermoregulator.

The moving and transport of the mozzarellas with patented DIMA system takes advantage of the small density difference between water and the product. The product transport cages, placed on the bottom of the vat, are equipped with a series of alternating horizontal and vertical movements that cause the advancement of the product.

The product transport cage is divided into modules consisting of a tubular interconnected structure that is carefully subjected to pressure testing to ensure the total absence of porosity, which would allow infiltrations with consequent contamination. 

The speed of the product advancing, and therefore also the residence time of the mozzarella in the hardening line is adjusted by varying the time interval between the various advancing movements of the transport cages.

The product extracting station consists of a belt, Intralox type, USDA certified for use in the food industry. 


  • Patented DIMA system for vat product advancement
  • Automatic cooling and hardening
  • Multiple availalbe standard working widths and shapes
  • USDA-certified for use in the food industry

Basic Options


Available standard working widths of 1.000 – 1.400 – 2.000 mm. The length is calculated on the basis of the required production capacity.

Possibility to supply the automatic mozzarella cooling line with various typologies, considering also the issues related to the available space in the dairy:

  • Linear shape
  • “L”-shape
  • “U”-shape
  • Snake-shape
  • Shape with various levels placed one upon another



  • Automatic mozzarella pre-cooling line
  • Water cooling unit to feed the cooling line
  • Automatic C.I.P cleaning