Dima Moulding Machine SP21/CC

The SP21/CC is a moulding machine manufactured by Dima. Perfect for caciocavallo and any pasta filata type of cheese with low humidity content, the SP21/CC moulds the product into a spherical shape and has a production capacity of up to 500 kg/h.

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Machine specially designed for moulding caciocavallo and “pasta filata” cheese with shperical shape or pear-shaped.

For the moulding of caciocavallo with ball-on-ball shape the operator has to manually shape the ball head. Production capacity adjustable up to 500 kg/h. 

The cheese mass coming continuously from the cooking-stretching machine feeds the hopper of the moulding machine. The counter-rotating augers then extrude the cheese mass into one of the two moulding cups.

Inside the moulding cup is situated a piston which lower part is shaped like a semi-sphere. This piston slides upwards under the pressure of the product mass pusher by the augers and the dual purpose of moulding the upper part of the product and to detect the product weight.

When the desired product weight is obtained and reset, the piston is automatically extracted from the cup by means of a pneumatic piston. As soon as the cup is free from the piston, it is automatically moved to the discharge position, while a second empty cup is carried to the loading position and the above mentioned piston is automatically positioned inside the cup to be filled.

Then at this point starts the filling of the cup while at the same time takes place the tilting og the first cup that has already previously been filled. The tilting of the cup causes the release of the product which can then be discharged into the collecting vat.

The machine and the various movements of the cups can be controlled by a PLC.

The dead times of the entire cycle (to move the cups) are limited to about one second for each piece format, to allow the maximum possible hourly production.

The body and the end part of the machine, up to the product extrusion into the moulding cup, are equipped with electrical heated jacket with adjustable temperature regulation so as to give the processed product mass the ideal consistency at the moment of extrusion into the moulding cup.

The moulding machine mod. SP21/CC is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the parts in contact with the product are treated with Teflon certified for the food industry. 


  • Perfect for spherical or pear-shaped cheese production
  • Automatic extraction of piston
  • Production capacity adjustable of up to 500 kg/h.
  • Machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Teflon-certified inner layer

Basic Options


  • Set of interchangeable moulding cups for the moulding of various product sizes:
  • Product from 350 to 600 g, pear-shaped or spherical
  • Product from 700 to 1.200 g, pear-shaped or spherical
  • Product from 1.300 to 2.200 g, pear-shaped or spherical