Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) Systems


Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) Systems are used to quickly and efficiently freeze small Cheese Products for frozen food applications. We offer the latest technology for IQF that has been extensively tested on shredded cheese, cubed cheese, and snack cheese products.

The IQF offers a number of advantages to the end-user.



During investment and project phase

• Minimum floor space for the freezer and processing line
• Smallest refrigeration requirement for the desired capacity
• Free-standing and easily movable freezer
• A few days installation time

During operation

• 20–30% less energy consumption
• Less water needed for cleaning and de-frosting
• Few moving parts require less maintenance
• Fast to defrost and clean

Food Safety

• Removable bed plates, easy to clean outside the freezer
• Easy access to all areas of the freezer
• Rounded corners and even surfaces for easy cleaning
• All materials in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Food Grade Plastic
• Non-hygroscopic insulation material


• Reduced dehydration of the product
• Uniquely low snow formation
• Reduction of lump formation and fines
• Enhanced natural color and shape
• Recapture of the products’ natural volume

Taking in account the large amounts of products which pass through your freezer, each fluctuation in yield affects your annual incomes correspondingly.

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