Fresh Mozarella Cheese

Valcour Process Technologies (VPT) specializes in the Fresh Mozzarella Process – from Milk Pasteurization, Cheese Production, Size Reduction, through Packaging and Case Packing. VPT offers Equipment, Systems, and Project Solutions for Artisan as well as high volume Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Producers.

Fresh Mozzarella is a high moisture cheese with up to 60% moisture. Fresh Mozzarella is available in a variety of formats including: Perline, Ciliegine, Bocconcini, Ovoline, Logs, Sheet, and String formats. The Fresh Mozzarella Process differs from Pizza Cheese in that Fresh Mozz is usually made using direct acidification (vinegar, citric acid) while Pizza Cheese is usually made with cultures – for better “browning” on pizza. Fresh Mozzarella is usually cooled with cold water while Pizza Cheese is typically cooled in brine water.

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